Forest School


We have our very own Forest School Leader who takes our older group of children to Forest School once a week.  This is currently a Tuesday morning.  We are fortunate to have an excellent working relationship with the primary school next to us so we are able to use their superb Forest School site.



Forest School originated  from Scandinavia in the 1950s .  It  deals with the holistic child but focuses mainly on the social, emotional and physical aspects of learning rather than academic. It encourages emotional literacy and the development of emotional intelligence.



Forest School is a positive outdoor learning opportunity where children are able to take risks, make choices and initiate their own learning.   They are also able to engage in various sensory experiences.  It is where children achieve, develop confidence, independence and raise self esteem by hands on learning in a woodland environment.



The experience is fun and mainly child led.  The children can splash about in puddles, collect twigs, leaves and other “treasures”.


The high adult:child ratios mean children can safely experience types of activities that are often prohibited, such as lighting and cooking on fires, climbing trees, making swings and shelters.



Forest School sessions are run throughout the year so the children will experience all weathers and the changing seasons.  We provide outdoor waterproof clothing and ask that you do not send your child in with best clothes - they will be getting dirty!