Curriculum and Intent Statement

At Great Witley Pre School we believe that all children are unique and will succeed and reach their full potential when they feel emotionally secure and are ready to learn.  Our staff are trained in SEMH (Social, emotional and mental health) and our key person approach lets the staff support all children in the development of their personal, social and emotional skills so that each child makes a positive contribution to society.  We ensure that each child's Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs are met, they have fun and develop in all areas of EYFS

We understand the connection between physical activity and emotional wellbeing and use both indoor and outdoor environments as we know they offer different play and learning opportunities.  Experienced Staff know children learn in different ways and we take account of the characteristics of effective learning and any schema(s) for an individual child when planning for a child’s development.  

We have changed our environment and are now living with COVID which means resources are rotated and we are flexible in meeting the needs of each individual child, especially where needs have been highlighted in areas of social and emotional, physical and communication - the 3 prime areas of learning.  Staff provide a safe environment which is challenging, takes account of schema and where repetitive play is allowed so a child builds on own knowledge.

We believe that young children learn best through play and we offer a mixture of adult led and child initiated experiences which allow children to acquire and develop new skills.  Staff use everyday play and conversations with children along with discussions with parents to observe what a child can do, so that we can assess and plan for children’s next steps.  We use a mixture of ‘in the moment planning’ alongside half termly plans focussed on themes to provide all children with new experiences.  Children’s development is monitored to ensure that all children progress to reach their full potential 

Staff continually reflect on play and learning opportunities being offered and will change or extend the play environment dependent upon each child's needs so that children are moving progressively through the curriculum at a developmentally appropriate level.


Please refer to our Parent Prospectus for more information on our curriculum at Great Witley Pre School.

       Educational Areas

 Communication and Language

In both small & large groups, children are given opportunities to experience a rich language environment & extend their vocabulary & fluency by talking & listening & by hearing & responding to stories, songs & rhymes.  ICT equipment such as microphones, recordable devices, & laptops are also woven throughout the groups planning, which is aimed to encourage ‘talk’.



Personal, Social & Emotional Development


Within a caring environment, children are individually supported to develop their confidence & self-respect.  They are encouraged to play & concentrate as individuals & also as a member of a group or team, sharing & co-operating with other children & adults.  Through activities, conversation & practical example, they learn acceptable ways to express their own feelings & in turn, to have respect for the feelings of others.  All children are given the opportunity to take responsibility for themselves & for other members of the setting, as well as the resources they use.





Children are encouraged to link sounds and letters and to begin to read and write. Children are helped to understand that written symbols carry meaning, to be aware of the purpose of writing & when they are ready, to use drawn & written symbols for themselves.  A well-stocked book corner gives every child the opportunity & encouragement to become familiar with books, be able to handle them & be aware of their uses, both for reference & as a source of stories & pictures.  Books are rotated on a regular basis.  Group story time is carried out daily and staff regularly read to children individually or in small groups throughout the day.





Through ‘play’ & every day activities such as cooking, children become familiar with sorting, matching, ordering, & counting activities which form the basis for early mathematics.  As they use their developing mathematical understanding to solve practical problems, children are helped to learn & use the vocabulary of mathematics ie shapes, position, size, volume & number.  Songs, games & picture books, all help children become aware of number ordering & when they are ready, to use simple mathematical understanding, such as one more or one less.



Understanding the World


A safe & stimulating environment allows children to explore & experiment with a range of natural & manufactured materials.  They learn to observe the features of objects & substances, recognising differences, patterns & similarities & to share their findings in a secure, relaxed atmosphere.  Children are encouraged to explore & understand their environment, both within the group & also in the wider community.  A range of safe & well maintained equipment enables children to extend their technological understanding, using simple tools & techniques as appropriate to problem solve & achieve their intentions.  Various ICT equipment, such as cameras & videoing equipment will also enhance their curiosity while preparing them for their future learning.



Expressive arts and design


Children are encouraged to use a wide range of resources in order to express their own ideas & feelings & to respond to their individual experiences in two & tree dimensions.  Art equipment, including paints, glue, crayons, pens as well as natural & recycled resources, provides for open-ended exploration of colour, shape & textures & the development of skills needed in painting, drawing & collage etc.  ICT equipment helps children to learn together, while using programmes to develop their imagination & understanding.  Children also have the opportunity to join in & respond to music sessions & stories & there are always opportunities for imaginative role-play, both individually & as part of a group. We have our very own music co-ordinator who has completed a 2 year music programme.  Music is used throughout the day so that all children are able to find their 'voice', whether by singing or using musical instruments


Physical Development


We have a secure and safe outdoor area but when the weather prevents us from going outside we are able to use the large hall indoors.  A range of equipment & opportunities allow children to develop confidence & enjoyment in the use & development of their physical skills.  Good adult supervision enables children to safely create & meet physical challenges, developing increasing skill & control in moving, climbing & balancing.  At the same time, children are supported in the development of their fine motor skills, which are needed to use tools & smaller equipment including pens, pencils etc & to use small objects with increasing control & precision.  Computer keyboards & touch pads are also an excellent way to aid their fine motor skills, while keeping it fun.